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  • Martin Quinn

    Martin Quinn

    Hi Im Martin, Living and (kinda) working in Dublin Ireland. I am a cycling advocate, grow some of my own food, and travel within Europe extensivly

  • clairejazz


    Press Manager, Jazz singer, occasional polyglot, into culture, politics, polemics & whatever generates discussion into the wee hours.

  • Manfred Fiedler

    Manfred Fiedler

  • Sarah Flynn

    Sarah Flynn

    UX and Transition Designer for social impact. Twitter: @flynnflynner Contact: sorchanifhloinn@yahoo.ie

  • Mike Spillane

    Mike Spillane

  • Conor Buckley

    Conor Buckley

  • Zoe Obeimhen

    Zoe Obeimhen

    Interests - Banking, Regeneration, Cities, Fintech, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Accounting, Research, Green Finance, Innovation, Analysis, Equality

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